Arm Lift Surgery with Dr. Frank. J. Piro

Treating SF Bay Area and San Mateo Arm Lift Patients

Frank J. Piro, MD, a leading San Mateo plastic surgeon, performs brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, to eliminate excess skin and fat from the upper arms. Dr. Piro treats those seeking surgical arm lift in San Carlos, Burlingame or Hillsborough, so they can stop feeling self-conscious about the way they look in sleeveless shirts or dresses.

Why Arm Lift May Become Necessary

As time passes, extreme fluctuations in weight, hereditary factors or simply the aging process can cause skin to suffer a loss of elasticity, leading to drooping skin that hangs off the body. In addition, these same agents can cause localized deposits of fat to develop under the skin. The appearance of sagging skin and stubborn fat deposits often occurs in the upper arm area.

Although individuals can perform certain aerobic and strength-building exercise to decrease their overall percentage of body fat as well as increase muscle tone, there is not much that one can do to correct skin tone once the skin's elasticity has been lost. Thus, surgical arm lift may become necessary to eliminate lax excess skin and stubborn subcutaneous fat (i.e., fat located under the skin).

In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Piro is an extremely nice person. He is a great listener, and I never ever felt rushed by him. If you're looking for a wonderful plastic surgeon; make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Piro. He's the best! Oh, Tracy, the patient coordinator, is really nice too. Dr. Margolis, the anesthesiologist, rocks so you don't feel a thing. Finally Kate Wilson, the RN, takes really good care of you before and after surgery. Probably during too, but I wouldn't know. Give them a call... really, they're great!

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More About Arm Lift Surgery

Dr. Piro administers general anesthesia to the patient prior to starting arm lift surgery, so he or she is completely at ease and does not experience any pain during the procedure. To start the procedure, the plastic surgeon creates an incision on either the backside or underside of the upper arms. The length of the incision, pattern and positioning vary depending on the complexity of the individual's unique anatomy and aesthetic surgical goals. The incision needed for arm lift surgery leaves a scar on the inside of the upper arm; however, Dr. Piro strategically positions any incisions in areas that are not easily noticeable by others.

The surgeon excises excess skin before performing liposuction, if required, to eliminate undesired fat from under the skin. He reshapes the underlying tissues using carefully placed internal stitches before pulling the remaining skin taut over the new arm contour. Dr. Piro closes any incisions with stitches and dresses the treated area with bandages and possibly a compression garment to reduce swelling and to provide additional support.

Postsurgical arm lift patients may experience mild discomfort or feel sore throughout the treated area, but they can manage any discomfort with the oral pain relievers that Dr. Piro recommends. Avoiding heavy lifting and other strenuous activity while getting plenty of rest is the best recipe for a simple, speedy recovery.

Those who have undergone arm lift in San Mateo with Dr. Piro will notice an improvement in the contour of the upper arms immediately after surgery. On the other hand, the aesthetic results will continue to get better as any bruising and swelling diminishes.

Arm Lift Candidacy

Surgical arm lift candidacy is best established by a respected plastic surgeon such as Dr. Piro. Generally speaking, however, arm lift surgery is well-suited for individuals who:

First and foremost, suitable arm lift candidates comprehend the benefits and possible risks associated with arm lift surgery. They have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgical procedure. Finally, they have made an autonomous decision to undergo arm lift surgery.

Wave Hello to Better-Contoured Arms!

Quit hiding your arms in long-sleeved clothes, and start on your way to adoring your arms today! With arm lift surgery, you can wave hello to better-contoured, slimmer arms, and finally stop feeling self-conscious about the problem.

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