Patient Testimonials


I made an appointment with Dr. Piro for a facelift (a recommendation from a happy patient of Dr. Piro's). During the office visit, Dr. Piro suggested maybe a laser treatment as a possibility, I knew very little about that treatment and after exploring what the procedure was all about, I decided that this is the route I would take. My decision was based on the little down time and the fact that this procedure was less invasive.

Dr. Piro was encouraging on both fronts but felt I would be happy with the result of laser. He assured me it would take 6 months to see the complete results. After 30 days, the improvement on my neck was noticeable. My skin is clear and tight my neck looks youthful. My jaw line could use a tuck but because of the laser treatment by Dr. Piro, I can live with that, as my skin is still tightening after 3 months.

If this is what it looks like after 3 months, I'm waiting impatiently for 6 months, as I look better than I imagined possible! I felt confident in Dr. Piro's abilities. He listened and did a good job explaining what and how he was doing the procedure. I would definitely refer Dr. Piro to my friends.

Dear Dr. Piro,

Today is the “Third-week Anniversary” of my Juvaderm application with you. I am absolutely thrilled with the results! It is just what I had hoped for, and I thank you on a daily basis.

Your skill, knowledge, and artistic eye have given me a most natural softening from the lines of time on my face. It is a blessing and a relief for me, both personally and professionally.

Thank you for the beautiful work you did for me. It has made an enormous difference for me!

With much gratitude,

Dearest Dr. Piro,

I just want to express to you my deepest gratitude for all you've done for me. Not only are you an excellent surgeon and did a beautiful job on my Mommy Makeover, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect surgery process and a more caring surgeon. I felt like you and your staff were always there for me to answer questions.

Honestly, I find that you truly care about your patients and their well-being. I have referred you to all my friends and family that are interested in plastic surgery and I assure you, when they are ready, they will call you!

You are the best – thank you again for giving me a beautiful body that I love! My quality of life has improved immensely just from the confidence I now have because of your priceless work!

God Bless You!

Warmest Wishes,

To Dr. Piro, Deborah and Staff:

I had to write to let you know how delighted I am with my surgical results. It is hard for me to believe that I waited so long to see Dr. Piro. I walked around with a hideous ‘glob’ beneath my right eye for a couple of years.

You have changed my life, markedly. I was self conscious as well as physically uncomfortable. I feel like a new person.

Your professional and warm reception was above and beyond my expectations. The quality of Dr. Piro’s work is remarkable. Even when I panicked about a mishap, for which I take responsibility, Dr. Piro not only accepted my call, but took the time, at 4am, to calm me down and gave me reassurance that all will be alright. This call was handled personally while the good Doctor was on vacation.

Thank you, All. You are the BEST!!!

With Best Regards and Respect,
Gitta Keith

“I consulted with Dr. Piro to correct heaviness to my upper eyelids and laxity of skin in face, jowls, and neck. I underwent an upper blepharoplasty and facelift. I was very, very pleased with the result. Dr. Piro is not only a skilled surgeon. He has an artist’s eye. He knows what is going to look right and what will not. Dr. Piro’s staff was very courteous, efficient, and welcoming. I don’t look like a different person, I look like an improved version of myself. Trust me on this, as a practicing registered nurse, I know who the really good doctors are.” W.O.

“I came to Dr. Piro with a medical diagnosis that was personally difficult. I found him to be not only professional but compassionate as well. His patience and knowledge helped me feel comfortable and I trusted Dr. Piro completely to handle my surgery. The staff was warm and friendly, making me feel comfortable in the office. They were extremely helpful with scheduling and all of my questions were answered with knowledge and thoroughness. I had breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies. I am extremely happy and pleasantly surprised. This surgery has made me complete again. At the beginning of the journey I wasn’t sure I would ever feel that way again. Now I do. Many thanks to Dr. Piro and his staff.” D. C.

I underwent a facelift procedure by Dr. Piro because I wanted to get rid of some heavy lines around the mouth and to eliminate my turkey neck. Dr. Piro was always very professional and made me feel comfortable. He communicated all the information about the surgery in layman's terms instead of medical jargon. His confidence and cheerful presence was very reassuring.

Just a week into my recovery, I was very pleased with the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. The before and after snapshots were wonderful. I definitely look years younger and no one would ever think I had surgery because the skin is not pulled tight and I have a very natural result. I love looking at my profile in the mirror because my neck has no more wrinkles. I am so glad that Dr. Piro performed my surgery.

“I look awesome.” P.E.

I have had several procedures from Dr. Piro and each one was treated in a very professional manner, Dr. Piro is very easy to talk to and puts one at ease when discussing a procedure. I was very happy with the overall experience. My results have been great and I have recommended Dr. Piro to several friends that agree with me. The office staff is great and makes coming to the office a pleasure. J.S.

Two years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery, and as a result, lost over 110 pounds. I am extremely happy with the weight loss and improvement to my health, but I was left with lots of stretched-out skin on my abdomen. The skin on my stomach hung down like a big apron, causing rashes in the skin folds and back pain. I was embarrassed of my body, and the skin made exercise difficult. I really didn’t feel successful in my weight loss- I still felt fat. I began researching reconstructive surgery, and had consultations with four plastic surgeons recommended by my gastric bypass doctor. I wanted to choose a plastic surgeon that had experience with gastric bypass patients, and the special needs of those of us who have lost massive amounts of weight. After interviewing the other doctors, I chose Dr. Piro.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Piro took a long time with me, discussing my options and answering my many questions. He seemed very competent, and was cautious in how he would approach the surgery. I felt that he would not take unnecessary risks with my health, and was honest with the results I could expect. I was concerned with my upper-torso skin as well as the apron, and wanted an anchor-cut incision to tighten the upper abdomen, but he was confident that he could get me the results I wanted without the extra incision. He was polite, and conscious of my dignity during the exam. His office staff was friendly and helpful, and the office was clean and well run. His office staff communicated with my insurance, and they were able to secure an approval for the panniculotomy portion of the surgery to be paid for by insurance. We live a long way from the office, and the office staff helped me secure a hotel room in the area.

I recently had my extended abdominoplasty/panniculotomy by Dr. Piro. During the operation, Dr. Piro removed over 8 pounds of excess skin, tightened my abdominal muscles, and tightened and lipoed my mons area. I had no complications, and at 8 weeks, have only a thin line of scar, that is continuing to fade. Dr. Piro’s stitching was so tiny – I couldn’t see any stitches at all. After the surgery, Dr. Piro was very accessible to answer my questions. He even gave me his cell phone number- that made me feel safe. The results of the operation were far better than I had expected. My formerly flabby stomach is completely flat! I no longer have any hanging skin, or that dreaded “muffin-top” hanging over my pants. My clothes fit so much better! My belly button is normal looking, not all stretched out like it was. I am exercising, and working on keeping my new abs tight! I am no longer self-conscious of my body, and I feel “normal” at last – even in a bathing suit!

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