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Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery with Dr. Frank J. Piro

Treating San Mateo and San Francisco Bay Area Facelift and Neck Lift Patients

View before and after photosFacial rejuvenation plastic surgeon Dr. Frank J. Piro provides facelift and neck lift surgery, either together or alone, to improve various signs of facial aging. He offers his San Carlos, Hillsborough and Burlingame facelift and neck lift patients a range of surgical options to enhance their natural beauty while giving them a more youthful look.

What Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery Remedy

Gradually over time, overexposure to the sun or to pollution, genetic factors or the natural aging process can negatively affect the look of the face and the neck. Skin loses its elasticity and starts to droop. Fat becomes displaced. Muscle tone is lost.

These developments can result in the appearance of jowls, sagging cheeks or hollow pockets beneath the eyes. Wrinkles, creases and deep folds can appear on the face as well, including "crow's feet" around the outside corners of the eyes, "worry lines" on the forehead or "smile lines" that extend from the outside corners of the nose to the outside corners of the mouth.

In addition to the face, the neck can also start to show signs of aging. Skin can sag off the neck, fat can accumulate under the skin and horizontal "bands" can develop across the neck.

Thankfully, Dr. Piro can improve these visible signs of aging with facelift and neck lift surgery.

I underwent a facelift procedure by Dr. Piro because I wanted to get rid of some heavy lines around the mouth and to eliminate my turkey neck. Dr. Piro was always very professional and made me feel comfortable. He communicated all the information about the surgery in layman's terms instead of medical jargon. His confidence and cheerful presence was very reassuring.

Just a week into my recovery, I was very pleased with the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. The before and after snapshots were wonderful. I definitely look years younger and no one would ever think I had surgery because the skin is not pulled tight and I have a very natural result. I love looking at my profile in the mirror because my neck has no more wrinkles. I am so glad that Dr. Piro performed my surgery.

I look awesome.


More About Facelift Surgery

Dr. Piro is highly skilled in a range of facelift approaches. During consultation, he reviews the patient's medical history, individual anatomy, surgical goals and aesthetic desires before recommending a facelift technique that is most appropriate for that person.

The details of facelift surgery vary, depending on several factors including which technique Dr. Piro is using and if adjunct procedures are performed at the same time. It generally takes Dr. Piro several hours or more to perform facelift surgery.

The standard facelift approach is an outpatient procedure completed under general anesthesia. Dr. Piro begins this approach by making small incisions that extend along the inside of the hair line, run in front of the ear, continue beneath the earlobe to the backside of the ear and conclude in the lower scalp region.

Next, the San Mateo facial rejuvenation surgeon separates the tissue from any deposits of fat. He may perform liposuction to remove excess fat if necessary. Dr. Piro then pulls the skin taut before eliminating any surplus skin. He closes the incisions with sutures, metal clips or staples, choosing the options that best decrease the chance of noticeable scarring. Finally, he dresses the treated area with bandages.

More About Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery is also an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Piro can perform neck lift surgery alone, in conjunction with facelift surgery or in conjunction with another type of surgery such as liposuction. If performed alone, it takes Dr. Piro two to three hours to complete neck lift surgery.

He performs two basic types of neck lift surgery: cervicoplasty, which is designed to eliminate extra skin from the neck thus providing a smoother contour, and platysmaplasty, which is intended to improve the look of neck bands by restoring or removing neck musculature.

Dr. Piro begins the procedure by making an incision in the targeted area. The length and placement of the incision varies depending on the surgical objective and on the patient's unique anatomy. For instance, Dr. Piro positions the platysmaplasty incisions under the chin and behind the ears, but the incision approach to cervicoplasty may differ.

During neck lift, Dr. Piro separates tissue from fat, performing liposuction if necessary. He adjusts the underlying neck muscles as needed and eliminates excess skin. The cosmetic surgeon tightens the remaining skin and closes the incisions with stitches. He dresses the area with bandages once he is satisfied with the new neck contour.

Recovering From Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery

It is important to emphasize that everyone recovers from facelift surgery at their own pace. In general, though, those who have undergone facelift and neck lift surgery should expect to take at least two weeks off from work or their normal daily activities. Although patients may not want to be seen in public for two to three weeks, the most intense part of the recovery period diminishes after the first week or so after surgery.

The treated area might be swollen, bruised and tender. Dr. Piro will recommend oral pain relievers to help relieve any discomfort in the first few days after the procedure. Applying ice packs to the treated area may also help.

It is crucial to the healing process for patients to keep their head elevated at all times during the first week, get plenty of rest, abstain from strenuous activity and eat nutritiously. They should avoid wearing makeup for the first week but can start applying light cover-up makeup in the second week, as long as they do not place the makeup directly on the incisions. Dr. Piro will let patients know when it is safe for them to resume their usual activities, including their exercise routine.

Candidacy for Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery

Dr. Piro has extensive experience in facial rejuvenation surgery. Thus, he is the best judge of who is an appropriate candidate for facelift and neck lift surgery. Nonetheless, suitable candidates for these procedures usually include those who:

It is crucial that facelift and neck lift patients realize that every cosmetic surgical procedure has possible risks that accompany the aesthetic rewards. Suitable candidates have practical expectations for the outcome of surgery. In addition, appropriate facelift and neck lift candidates have made an independent decision to undergo the procedure.

Look Years Younger, Starting Now

Although no one has found the Fountain of Youth yet, Dr. Piro is a talented facial rejuvenation surgeon who can help you look younger throughout the face and neck area. If you are tired of looking tired, older than your actual age, angry or sad, now is the time to take action. You can be on your way to looking years younger, starting from the moment you contact Dr. Piro to find out more about your available facial surgery options.

To schedule a private consultation with Dr. Piro to learn more about facelift or neck lift surgery, please contact his practice by calling (650) 652-8230 today.

Facelift FAQs

How do I know whether a facelift is right for me?

Rejuvenation of the face can be accomplished with multiple techniques. More conservative techniques include dermal fillers, Botox and laser skin resurfacing to restore even texture to the skin. More advanced facial rejuvenation techniques include surgical approaches such as facelift. Deciding whether facelift surgery is right for you involves a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon about your aesthetic concerns, the signs of aging that you are presenting and what the best way to improve those signs of aging are.

What is the recovery after facelift like?

Typically, the initial phase of recovery is about two weeks. The first week of recovery involves complete isolation from social contact. During the second week, patients can possibly transition back to work if minimal bruising is present. The complete healing from a facelift procedure, with regard to scars, tightness and tenderness, could take up to two to three months.

What are potential risks and complications of facelift surgery?

All surgery carries some degree of risk. Be sure to talk with your doctor about the specific risks and complications associated with your facelift procedure. Because there are certain factors which can increase your risk of complications, inform your doctor of the following: any medical conditions that you have, if you smoke, if you are on any medications and if you have had any previous surgeries near the site to be treated. By choosing a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and carefully following instructions before and after surgery, you can greatly reduce your risks.

Are nonsurgical treatments included in facelift treatment?

Yes, nonsurgical treatments are sometimes included in facelift treatment. The face ages in many different ways. Nonsurgical treatments performed in conjunction with facelift surgery are often an effective means to address various signs of aging. Nonsurgical elements can involve Botox to relax facial muscles, thus smoothing out overlying wrinkles, or dermal fillers to restore volume to areas of the face that are lacking fullness. Additional signs of aging and skin with texture changes can be treated with laser resurfacing treatment.

Can other surgical procedures be done together with a facelift?

Facelift typically takes four to five hours of surgical time. It is very common to combine eyelid surgery or possibly even nose surgery with a facelift procedure. The plastic surgeon will assess each patient's general health and take into account the length of the desired procedures when determining whether patients are suitable candidates for multiple adjunct surgical procedures.

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A facelift can improve the deep cheek folds, jowls and loose, sagging skin around the neck that come with age.

Incisions usually begin above the hairline at the temples, follow the natural line in front of the ear, curve behind the earlobe into the crease behind the ear, and into or along the lower scalp.

Facial, neck tissue and muscle may be separated; fat may be trimmed or suctioned and underlying muscle may be tightened.

After deep tissues are tightened, the excess skin is pulled up and back, trimmed and surured into place.

Most of the scars will be hidden within your hair and in the normal creases of your skin.

After surgery, you’ll present a fresher, more youthful face to the world.