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Forehead Lift Surgery With Dr. Frank J. Piro

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View before and after photosFacial rejuvenation cosmetic surgeon Dr. Frank J. Piro performs forehead lift surgery, also known as brow lift surgery, to improve the look of severe wrinkles on the forehead and /or sagging eyebrows. Thanks to brow lift surgery, Dr. Piro's San Carlos, Hillsborough and Burlingame forehead lift patients look less worried, happier, more refreshed and younger than they did before surgery.

Forehead Lift Surgery Fixes the Following

As people age and the body produces less collagen and elastin, proteins that are essential for healthy, youthful-looking skin, the skin starts to lose its elasticity. In addition, fat can become displaced. These side effects of time and the natural aging process can lead to the development of deep furrows that extend horizontally across the forehead, vertical lines in between the eyebrows and drooping eyebrows that hang too low over the eyes. All these occurrences can cause individuals to look older than their actual age, exhausted, angry or sad. The encouraging news is that Dr. Piro can address these aesthetic issues with forehead lift plastic surgery.

Dr. Piro is awesome! Where other doctors I consulted with told me I would have hideous scars for life after my surgery... Dr. Piro confidently said I would not. Our consultation was a combination of what I wanted to acheive with the surgery and what he felt would be best suited for me overall. The surgery went great, the healing process was great and I have no scars.

I am completely satisfied with the results. This surgery changed my life.

I highly recommend Dr. Piro.


More About Forehead Lift Surgery

Forehead lift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Dr. Piro can perform surgical forehead lift using the traditional "open" approach or endoscopically. Due to the less invasive nature of endoscopic surgery, he generally performs endoscopic forehead lift when medically appropriate.

With the open approach, the facial rejuvenation surgeon typically makes a coronal (headphone-shaped) incision inside the hairline, extending along the top of the forehead and down each side of the head. However, he may adjust the position of the incision according to the patient's hair-growth pattern. For example, patients who are bald or balding may require a mid-scalp incision.

With endoscopic forehead lift, Dr. Piro creates three to five short incisions in the scalp; each incision is less than one inch long. He inserts an endoscope, or a thin surgical device with a camera on the end of it, into the treated area. The endoscope transmits a video feed of the surgery onto a monitor in the operating room, giving Dr. Piro a clear view of the underlying musculature and tissues. He then inserts another surgical instrument into the treated area through another one of the incisions, allowing him to make the needed adjustments to the supporting tissues and muscles.

Regardless of which approach Dr. Piro takes, his objective with forehead lift surgery is to modify or remove the underlying muscles and tissues to generate a smoother look. Once he has achieved this objective and is satisfied with the new, sleeker contour of the forehead, he closes the incisions with sutures, staples or metal clips, whichever option will best minimize the risk of visible scarring. He lastly dresses the treated region with bandages.

Recovering From Forehead Lift Surgery

Patients recovering from open forehead lift surgery may experience a more intense recovery period than those recovering from endoscopic forehead lift, particularly in the first few days following surgery. This includes experiencing more intense discomfort and possibly total numbness at the incision site. On the other hand, endoscopic patients may also experience mild discomfort and some numbness at the incision sites. Dr. Piro will recommend certain oral pain relievers for each type of forehead lift patient that will best alleviate any initial discomfort.

Both types of patients may experience swelling and bruising in the treated area that will subside over time. Also, later in the recovery period, both types of patients may notice that the initial sensation of numbness in the treated area is being replaced by itchiness. This is a signal that the nerves are healing.

It is critical to ensure proper healing that patients keep their head elevated for the first three days or so after surgery. They must also be sure to get plenty of rest, avoid rigorous activity and eat healthy meals. Patients must abstain from applying makeup for the first postoperative week but can begin using light cover-up makeup the week following, provided they do not put the makeup directly on the incisions. Dr. Piro advises patients when they can resume their normal activities, including their exercise program.

Forehead Lift Candidacy

Dr. Piro is a highly experienced provider of forehead lift surgery. Therefore, the San Mateo facial rejuvenation surgeon is the most appropriate judge of who is a suitable candidate for the procedure. That said, appropriate forehead lift candidates typically include individuals who:

Every surgery comes with inherent risks. Although complications from forehead lift surgery are uncommon, it is important that candidates for the procedure understand the risks and feel that the rewards far outweigh the possible risks. In addition, appropriate forehead lift candidates have sensible expectations for the surgical outcome, and have arrived at the decision to undergo plastic surgery of their own accord.

Find Out More About Forehead Lift

If you are a happy person, but other people frequently ask if you are angry, sad or exhausted, you might want to consider undergoing forehead lift surgery. The first step in regaining your happy, refreshed appearance is to find out more about forehead lift surgery.

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