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Mommy Makeover Surgery with Dr. Frank. J. Piro

Treating San Mateo and Bay Area Mommy Makeover Patients

View before and after photosDr. Frank J. Piro, a board-certified plastic surgeon in San Mateo, offers women in San Carlos, Hillsborough and Burlingame mommy makeover surgery to help them achieve their pre-baby figure. With mommy makeover surgery, Dr. Piro combines two or more plastic surgery procedures to address the aesthetic concerns that many women have about their breasts and abdominal area as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What Mommy Makeover Corrects

"Mommy makeover" surgery does not refer to a single surgical procedure; instead, it involves performing multiple procedures at the same time. Typically, mommy makeover with Dr. Piro is comprised of abdominoplasty, or "tummy tuck" surgery, and breast enhancement. The breast surgery can be breast augmentation with implants, surgical breast lift or both. (Dr. Piro can also include an additional plastic surgery procedure such as liposuction or thigh lift to meet each patient's unique surgical objectives and aesthetic desires.)

Pregnancy can often take a toll on a woman's abdomen. It can leave her with drooping skin that has lost its elasticity. Pregnancy can also cause a woman's abdominal muscles to separate or become severely weakened. Once these aesthetic problems have developed, no amount of dieting or exercising will be able to eliminate the loose skin or tone the injured stomach muscles. Fortunately, the San Mateo mommy makeover surgeon performs tummy tuck surgery to remove lax, sagging skin from the midsection and repair the abdominal muscles, often restoring the look of "six-pack abs."

In addition to the cosmetic problems that pregnancy can cause throughout the abdominal area, breastfeeding can also negatively impact the appearance of breasts. Nursing can cause breasts to lose volume and look deflated. It can also lead to southward-pointing nipples that have migrated down the breast. For these reasons, Dr. Piro includes breast surgery in mommy makeover, restoring volume to breasts with either saline or silicone breast implants and / or moving breasts to a more youthful position on the chest while correcting the position of the nipples.

Dearest Dr. Piro,

I just want to express to you my deepest gratitude for all you’ve done for me. Not only are you an excellent surgeon and did a beautiful job on my Mommy Makeover, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect surgery process and a more caring surgeon. I felt like you and your staff were always there for me to answer questions.

Honestly, I find that you truly care about your patients and their well-being. I have referred you to all my friends and family that are interested in plastic surgery and I assure you, when they are ready, they will call you!

You are the best – thank you again for giving me a beautiful body that I love! My quality of life has improved immensely just from the confidence I now have because of your priceless work!

God Bless You!

—Warmest Wishes, C.A.

More About Mommy Makeover Surgery

Dr. Piro performs mommy makeover under general anesthesia due to the complex nature of the surgery. It generally takes him four or five hours to complete.

To start the tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Piro creates a horizontal incision in the pubic region, running from one hipbone to the other. He places the incision in an area that can be hidden by a panty or bikini line. The surgeon excises excess skin and performs liposuction to remove surplus fat if necessary. He restores the shape and tone of the abdominal muscles, strategically positioning internal sutures to hold the newly contoured stomach muscles in place after surgery. Dr. Piro tightens the remaining skin and adjusts the location of the navel to stay in line with the firmer, flatter abdominal profile. He lastly closes the incision with stitches before dressing the treated area with bandages.

Dr. Piro starts the breast lift procedure by making an incision around the border of the areola, the darkly pigmented skin encircling the nipple. He continues the incision from the lower edge of the areola to the breast's natural crease before removing excess skin. The breast surgeon pulls the remaining skin taut and reshapes the breast mound, moving the nipple to a higher location on the breast to align with the now-perkier breast. At this point, Dr. Piro can insert either silicone or saline breast implants to provide added fullness. He lastly closes the incision with stitches and dresses the area with bandages and possibly a surgical bra for added support.

Mommy makeover patients should plan to take about two weeks off from work or their normal responsibilities after surgery. If they have young children, they will need to arrange to have someone help them with childcare during the initial phase of recovery.

The treated areas might be swollen, bruised, tender, sore or numb. Dr. Piro will prescribe oral pain medication to help alleviate postoperative discomfort. These symptoms are to be expected and will subside over time. Patients may experience changes in nipple sensitivity as the nerves heal.

Postsurgical patients should rest as much as possible, avoiding strenuous activity including heavy lifting. However, it is important to take short walks around the house periodically to minimize the risk of developing blood clots, especially in the legs. Recovering mommy makeover patients can slowly resume their daily activities, including their exercise routine, as advised by Dr. Piro.

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Mommy Makeover Candidacy

Candidacy for mommy makeover surgery is best decided by an expert plastic surgeon such as Dr. Piro. Nonetheless, mommy makeover is usually appropriate for mothers who:

Well-suited candidates for mommy makeover surgery have weighed the potential risks of surgery against the rewards, have reasonable expectations for the outcome of the procedure and are pursuing surgical mommy makeover of their own accord.

Treat Yourself to Mommy Makeover Today

As a mother, it is likely that you spend most or all of your time caring for your family and not enough time focusing on yourself. If you are frustrated with the aesthetic problems that pregnancy has caused, it is time for you to treat yourself to mommy makeover surgery in San Mateo with Dr. Piro. Today is the perfect time to start focusing on yourself!

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