Plastic Surgery Ages 35-45

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Patients between the Ages of 35 and 50

Aging is inevitable and affects everyone. In fact, both men and women start aging in their early to mid-20s. However, in today's society aging individuals are not helpless in the fight against wrinkles. With various anti-aging treatments and cosmetic surgery procedures, individuals can choose to age gracefully. Dr. Frank Piro is a leading San Mateo plastic surgeon who offers a long list of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for patients of all ages.

In Dr. Piro's experience, individuals between the ages of 35 to 50 can greatly benefit from the following anti-aging treatments:

Facial Injectables in San Mateo

Facial aging begins in our 20s. In fact, several factors gradually induce the aging process, including decreased collagen production and the decline of elasticity, as well as environmental factors such as sun exposure. Poor habits, including inadequate skin care and smoking, can also accelerate the aging process and affect the color and texture of the skin. All of this leads to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and other undesirable skin changes. For most patients, signs of aging appear in their early to mid-30s and beyond. However, non-surgical procedures such as facial injectables can help temporarily ameliorate signs of aging and restore facial youthfulness.

Dr. Piro offers a range of facial injectables that are designed to address different types of facial aging signs. This allows him to deliver satisfactory results to each individual patient based on their unique aesthetic concerns. For example, Botox and Dysport are used to diminish crow's feet, lines between the brows and along the forehead. Dermal fillers, including Juvederm and Restylane, restore facial volume by filling in various folds and lines on the face. Dermal fillers can also be used to plump the lips, cheek bones and other deflated areas of the face.

Laura returned to the Bay Area and her local clientele in 2009 and continues to emphasize her philosophy of beauty radiating from within through proper skin care and regular professional maintenance. She recently opened a larger facility to accommodate her growing practice and proudly offers the full line of skin care products by Murad and the Emenince Organic Line. In addition, she has continued her long association with Dr. Frank Piro and together they launched a program working with the Obagi Skin Care System. This program also supplements and enhances Dr. Piro's recent addition of the Smart Skin Laser system.

Facial fat grafting is another option offered by Dr. Piro. Facial fat grafting involves the patient's own fat that is harvested from a donor site, purified and re-injected into the facial area of concern. Fat grafting can be used to diminish nasolabial folds, plump the lips and other areas of the face and eliminate wrinkles and lines around the eyes.

Facial injectables are an excellent option for patients between the ages of 35 and 45. With maintenance injections, patients can look great and enjoy enhanced facial youthfulness for years to come. For older patients, Dr. Piro may recommend more permanent procedures, including facial plastic surgery. To learn more, please click here.

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Breast Enhancement

Many San Mateo plastic surgery patients in this age group also inquire about breast enhancement procedures, mostly breast augmentation. Breast augmentation helps women in their 20s, 30s and 40s overcome a range of insecurities associated with their breasts, including naturally small breasts, breast asymmetry and breasts that look "deflated" after childbearing. Breast augmentation involves the use of breast implants to enhance breast volume and deliver a more aesthetically pleasing bustline. In many cases Dr. Piro recommends combining breast lift surgery with the placement of breast implants for optimal outcomes, especially in new mothers.

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Mommy Makeover Surgery

Many women between the ages of 35 and 50 have one or more children. While rewarding, pregnancy can also cause various physical changes to a woman's figure. Mommy makeover surgery addresses all of the body parts affected by pregnancy in an attempt to restore the patient's previous figure. Depending on each patient's unique needs, Dr. Piro combines tummy tuck surgery with liposuction and breast enhancement to help new mothers address all of their concerns simultaneously.

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Body Contouring

With age, maintaining a slim and toned figure can become a challenge even for individuals who follow strict diets and exercise regimens. As our bodies age, they begin to lose the ability to process fat, and skin tends to become loose due to diminished elasticity. Localized fat deposits, cellulite and stretch marks commonly appear in individuals over the age of 35. The liposuction procedure offered by Dr. Piro can take care of localized fat deposits, thereby resulting in a more toned, slimmer figure. Fat and excess skin affecting the abdominal region is frequently treated with tummy tuck surgery or a mini-tummy tuck procedure. For patients who have poor skin laxity or excess loose skin after major weight loss, Dr. Piro and his team offer body lift surgery, which can have wonderful skin tightening effects. Although, most patients in this age group tend to experience a skin tightening effect after various body sculpting procedures, which is harder to achieve in older individuals.

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For more information about each procedure, please visit the respective pages. If you are between the ages of 35 and 50 and wish to learn more about various anti-aging procedures in San Mateo, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Piro by calling his office at (650) 587-3777.

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